How consultancy and advisory works?

“Green Room Development helps leaders rise to their potential, connect with their people, and achieve with pace, focus and authenticity.”

Creating space at an executive level for you to address the issues as a team through facilitated sessions and/or group and 1-2-1 leadership and development coaching. This ensures that together we can deal effectively with difficult problems.

Simplifying and explaining the complexities of the here and now so that your future vision is clear and purposeful to your people. We will help you develop a straightforward and integrated action plan that your entire workforce can embrace.

What type of consultancy is available?

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Change Management
Building the change leadership you need to take your organisation through change, make change stick, and create change management capability and capacity in your teams.
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Organisation Development
Brokering, tailoring and socialising measurable organisation development plans and strategies which integrate with transformation goals and complement HR activities.
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Strategic HR
Bringing the worlds of HR strategy, business planning and change leadership into alignment. With years of experience and a rounded set of qualifications in change management and people development as well as HR, we bring together knowledge and tried and tested methods for your organisation. 

Our relationship ethos

We are a collaborative business partner, believing that success is rooted in harnessing the power of an organisation’s capabilities through building successful relationships with others and creating a culture of partnership.

Our practices are established in organisation development principles. 

Our objectives are:

  • To assist leaders in being able to own their own stake in organisational success fully.
  • To support leaders to consider and understand the impact and implications of their actions and decisions for their colleagues, teams, customers and stakeholders. 
  • To provide challenge and support, working with positive intent and seek the success of our clients based on of integrity and fairness. 

At the beginning of our assignment, we will plan in our time with you. This will include working with you to establish the timings and milestones for each deliverable, the availability of existing data and the time to gather it, as well as the availability of stakeholders, SROs and executive leaders.

Customer Feedback


Sarah has a unique way of taking the “mysticism” out of change and associated behaviour that makes it easy to understand for a layperson like myself and others.

Senior Manager

Very valuable and rewarding experience

Very valuable and rewarding experience working alongside Sarah whose knowledge and understanding was instrumental. Sarah’s experience in the field helped to influence the direction of travel for Surrey and Sussex with their burgeoning change portfolio.

I would highly recommend tapping into Sarah as a resource for any organisation undergoing the complexities of delivering successful change.

Neil Roberts
Chief Information Officer