Why coaching?

“Coaches work with clients in all areas including business, career, finances, health and relationships. As a result of coaching, clients set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and more fully use their natural strengths.”

Executive and Leadership Coaching is solution-focused and practical. The intended outcome from working with clients is to identify what tangible steps they can take to achieve their objectives.

Typically you can expect to see a wide range of benefits to the organisation from coaching: 

  • Identifies and levers greater use of an individual’s existing skill and capability, allowing you to grow capacity. 
  • Demonstrates commitment to the development of your people.
  • Increases productivity, motivation and drive to succeed.
  • Higher levels of engagement, collaboration and participation.
  • Strengthens relationships and improves communication skills.

Individual coachees report experiencing:

  • A desire to continue learning and the development of a growth mindset.
  • Increased sense of personal responsibility for their happiness and morale.
  • Higher levels of creativity, innovation and openness to problem-solving.
  • Greater Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
  • More clarity, confidence and accountability for performance.

What type of coaching is available?

A dream catcher hanging off a tree to represent Executive and Leadership Career Coaching
Career Coaching
Four to six 90-minute sessions
Two flowers on top of a pond to represent Conflict Coaching
Conflict Coaching
 One to three 90-minute sessions alongside mediation processes
A women walking through a valley in mountains to represent Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Four to six 90-minute sessions
A women rock climbing to represent Executive and Leadership Performance Coaching
Performance Coaching
Four to six 90-minute sessions 
A number of hands on a tree to represent Executive and Leadership Team Facilitation
Team Facilitation
Number and length of sessions will be tailored to your team

Things to note

I am a qualified coach and mentor, and my promise to you is:

  • I will adhere to coaching standards and practices in your organisation.
  • I will honour the confidentiality of all coaching discussions.
  • I acknowledge the organisation as the sponsor of the coaching assignment and will ensure there is a common understanding between all parties about the coaching goals. 
  • I maintain my professional development and will not enter into any coaching assignment, which represents a conflict of interest or takes me outside my coaching experience and ability.

Customer Feedback

Very valuable and rewarding experience

Very valuable and rewarding experience working alongside Sarah whose knowledge and understanding was instrumental. Sarah’s experience in the field helped to influence the direction of travel for Surrey and Sussex with their burgeoning change portfolio.

I would highly recommend tapping into Sarah as a resource for any organisation undergoing the complexities of delivering successful change.

Neil Roberts
Chief Information Officer


Sarah has a unique way of taking the “mysticism” out of change and associated behaviour that makes it easy to understand for a layperson like myself and others.

Senior Manager