Meet Sarah


Sarah Garner with her dog Buffy

“I see the spark of potential in everything and everyone and aim to inspire others to see it too.

“I believe there is brilliance, inspiration, creativity in all of us. It is my job to help you discover yours.”

Who is Sarah Garner?  I’m paid as a consultant, a coach, a change practitioner, to help people and organisations find their focus and develop their capability.

Life has thrown me plenty of curveballs over the years. Isn’t that the way of things? And if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that they can’t be dodged. Curveballs need to be faced. What’s helped me find the courage to look life in the eye has been getting to know my purpose and being guided by my passion.

I’m passionate about helping people notice their true potential and realise that it’s in their gift to reach it. I love connecting people to their power and strength. I’m fabulous at helping people build a new relationship with themselves that becomes the lifelong foundation for their excellent work as leaders in business, in their community and in their family. The world needs more listening, more connection, more people releasing their true potential into the world to inspire others.

I find my inspiration at home with my husband, who is my diametric opposite in every imaginable way, and who brings out the best of my potential. My husband shares the space in my heart with our two doggos, Brandy and Buffy, who bring large doses of joy. We love the simple pleasures, and our happiest moments are always with family. We are lucky.


Dogs, dog sports, dog walks, anything else with a tenuous link to dogs. Yoga, meditation and time in the big outdoors. Walking towards adventure. Exploring. Plus a good meal, a good night’s sleep, a spot of gardening, putting my feet up at the end of the day.

Doesn’t love

Having to wait in line… on the phone, in a shop, for a train, for the traffic lights. Waiting isn’t something I’m good at. 

Remember you’re more than solid, you are solid gold. 

If something’s holding you back from feeling successful, balanced, healthy and confident, I can help you unlock your inner treasure and discover how you can share your wealth with the world. After all, it is my passion.

Together we can

My goal is to help you create your version of success. Together we can help you achieve a life balance that suits your vision, mission and values. Together we can explore what success as a leader means for you.

I specialise in empowering brilliant, inspirational, creative and driven women become the leaders they were born to be. Whether our work together is coaching or participating in my WHOLE leadership course,  my mission is to help you lever the right mental and emotional skills to find fulfilment at work and build a sense of success in a way that is meaningful for you. As your companion along the way, I will support you to create the impact you want to have and develop:

  • Clarity of mind: being fully mindful and letting go of limiting beliefs.
  • The courage of your convictions: getting clear on what success looks like and embracing your authentic self.
  • Confidence to use your voice: knowing how to ask for what you want, to state what’s important to you and take back your sense of control.

You have everything you need to make the change. You have the knowledge and the answers to your doubts and fears. Together we will unlock them and watch your calm, clarity and confidence grow in whichever way we work together. 

The wisdom of the feminine

“Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own”

Michelle Obama