If you are looking for some leadership and performance coaching, you’re in the right place, and our Grow Package is here to help.

Is this right for me?

“The time and space to transform. Make step changes. Reach for your full potential.”

Perhaps there is a barrier or hurdle you need to overcome to move to the next level, and you have not been able to get past it on your own. Perhaps you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward. Maybe you have lost your way and do not know which way to turn.

Maybe you have been working on developing your leadership abilities and now recognise that self-limiting beliefs are getting the way of your confidence and courage to step up. Or you have a significant goal in mind and need time and space to set yourself up for success.

In any of these scenarios, this is the package for you.

How does it work?

6 x 90-minute leadership and performance coaching sessions online or face-to-face with a 30-minute call between sessions

  1. You’ll receive a discovery questionnaire from me with questions that will help me understand your particular coaching challenges and your goals. This ensures we work effectively together to help you towards the outcomes you seek.
  2. We’ll then arrange to meet online or face-to-face for each of our six one-to-one 90-minute sessions. We will review our progress together at the midpoint and at the end of our coaching relationship to take stock of what has been achieved.
  3. You can schedule your follow up calls with me at any time between sessions. These chats will help you to stay accountable for your agreed actions, provide a sounding board for reflections, and allow for an opportunity to discuss what next for you after our sessions are all completed.

How to get started

Ready to take action?

Please get in touch to book a no-cost discovery call with me to tell me more and see if I’m the right person to help you rise to your potential.