About us

In our hearts

there is a blazing light

that belongs neither

to the East nor to the West


I am most often approached to coach and develop leaders who are seeing or have just taken the next step in their careers. Many are wishing to find their purpose and confidence, explore their leadership identity or to grow their leadership influence.

I commonly work with clients who feel overwhelmed or overloaded, or are dealing with conflict and other causes of anxiety in the workplace. I also assist clients seeking growth, development and improvement in their all-round leadership performance.

Before setting up Green Room Development, I had a long career in change management, people and organisation development and strategic HR. I worked in both private and public sector roles from start-ups and small businesses, to world-famous broadcasting and media tech through to central and local government and criminal justice organisations.

Welcome. I’m Sarah and I set up Green Room Development to help people lead with confidence, clarity and courage so that they can live their very best life, be their very best self at work and support others to do the same.

I am a development and people change specialist. In the corporate setting I provide both public and private sector clients with support in the areas of change management, organisation development and strategic HR.

At the time of writing my clients’ focus is most often on developing people-centred change, culture-shift and change leadership or a combination of all three.

I am a qualified executive coach, certified change practitioner, fellow of the RSA and member of the CIPD.

A selection of the clients I have worked with are below: