Booster package

Three 90 minute coaching sessions over Skype with a 30-minute call between sessions

Open the door to progress. 
Boost results in a short space of time.

You would like to spend some time working through an important issue or aspect of your leadership and performance and are seeking to make a difference in a short amount of time. You may be working towards a milestone moment and need to make a visible impact:-

  • Feeling stuck and want to move on?
  • Wanting to make time for some important planning and forward thinking on an aspect of your life and career?
  • Facing a significant business challenge and wanting to work through and test possible solutions?
  • Experiencing conflict, worry or doubt on a specific topic and need to find resolution?

How does it work?

  1. You’ll receive a discovery questionnaire from me with questions that will help me understand your particular coaching challenges and your goals for the sessions to help ensure we work effectively together to help you towards the outcomes you seek.
  2. We’ll then arrange and meet on Skype for each of our three one-to-one 90 minute sessions.
  3. You can schedule your follow up calls with me at any time between sessions. These chats will help you to stay accountable for your agreed actions, provide a sounding board for your reflections on the changes you are making and allow for an opportunity to discuss what next for you after our sessions are all completed.

What you need to know to get you started

Three 90-minute coaching session plus three 30-minute follow up calls.

I will provide payment information upon booking. Sessions are confirmed when payment is received for individual clients. For corporate clients payment will be invoiced. Take a look here for more information.

Please drop me a line to arrange your sessions or if you have a question.