Change management

Every change is different. Each organisation and the teams within it start in their own unique place, prioritise in their own way, and go at their own pace.

Whatever your change agenda, your challenges with capability and capacity for change, and your resources, making change happen and making it stick comes down to the willingness, and ability of your teams to implement the changes you want to see.

How you connect your teams to the change you want to make, and how you use your collective leadership to take them through the change depend on your prevailing culture, organisational change readiness and change leadership capability.

We can help you grow your people-centred change management capabilities, for example:

  • Cultural development plans and initiatives to grow your change readiness and set you up for success such.
  • Developing a change engagement strategy and programme that goes beyond tick box engagement activities.
  • Building effective change leadership and sponsor capability
  • Meaningful, coherent and holistic people development approaches and programmes to develop organisational capacity for change.

Recent change management assignments include:

  1. Working with Chief Officers within two police forces to drive delivery of individual and joint ambitions for change, including making proposals for a revised governance structure and a new operating model for the change delivery functions. Opportunity appraisal for joint collaboration, and proposals to close savings gaps. 
  2. Assessing and developing change readiness, including change leadership, job design and skills appraisal for a newly formed cross-functional business support team in a large London Borough.
  3. Re-design of service delivery model in corporate services function of large London Borough.

For a discussion about how we might support you with your change activities, please drop us a line below or for more immediate support with an issue you can email and we’ll always aim to respond within 1 working day.