Coaching for corporate clients

Coaching for business need

Coaching for performance development, leadership and business need

Business needs are unique to the individual, the circumstances and the organisation. I provide coaching services across a common set of requirements including:

  • Coaching for performance – for goals centred on increasing effectiveness and productivity, the overall purpose is to enhance performance in your current role.
  • Leadership and executive development – for a wide array of reasons and situations – you may be new to role, or seeking promotion. You may be established in role and dealing with a particularly tricky challenge. You may be lacking confidence or wishing to explore what is holding you back.
  • Conflict coaching – one to three sessions in quick succession usually alongside mediation processes but not always. To deal with a specific conflict in the workplace and designed to help individuals reach resolution.
  • Career coaching – Working together to help you find clarity and development you need to make the changes you seek in the way you work so that you can take forward action.
  • Team facilitation – of particular value for visioning and strategy setting and team building.

How does it work?

Packages and pricing will be tailored to your individual and business requirements. 

  • Team facilitation – a half-day or full-day are standard but other options can be designed
  • Conflict coaching – one to three 90-minute sessions
  • Performance coaching, leadership coaching and career coaching are all recommended at four to six 90-minute sessions according to need.  

What you need to know to get you started

Performance coaching, leadership coaching and career coaching all include a free introductory meeting to make sure both parties feel they can work well together. I will produce a summary of the discussion after each session for the client to refer to. 

Payment will be invoiced after each session is completed, and will include VAT and expenses.

Please drop me a line to discuss your needs.