Coaching options and packages

Take a look at the options below. To find out which of these packages is for you, or for corporate clients, drop me a line here to book a brief consultation or inquire about pricing for bespoke options. It is always possible to tailor options to work for you.

Sarah was the first person who really understood what I need before I knew. She listened and knew exactly how to help me learn and be the best me – Sarah challenges me; I can speak openly to her and she’s patient, flexible, reliable and trustworthy. I can be myself – a better version of me…

Ruth Gladwell
Locality Lead for Integrated Complex Needs Children’s Services

Catalyst session

Single 90 minute coaching session over Skype with 30-minute follow up call

This is a call to action moment. You are ready to take responsibility and make your next move on whatever is holding you back. Action and solution-oriented, this is ideal for anyone wanting to test ideas, explore options or looking for a catalyst to call them to action:-

  • Struggling with a particular issue in the workplace and seeking resolution?
  • Faced with a dilemma and wanting to spend some quality time thinking through your options and choices?
  • New to role and wanting to test and corroborate how you see your challenges and opportunities?
  • Planning your next steps and feeling some indecision or uncertainty about the path to take?

Then this session is perfect for you. Find out more here.

Accelerator session

A half-day coaching session face to face with access to a week’s support

Time to reflect. Time to plan. Get clear on what it is you want or need to achieve. Take that quality time to do a little strategizing. Consider the big picture. Leave the session with the understanding and clarity of focus you need to set and reach unambiguous intentions :-

  • Have an idea about what’s next for you and future goals but your thinking’s a little muddy and the specifics aren’t in place?
  • Got several options and ideas about your ideal future and next steps but can’t seem to settle on what’s right for you?
  • Stuck in a career rut and want to shake it up, freshen up and get outside your comfort zone to really explore what is possible?
  • Burning with ambition for a clear goal but need someone beside you to work it through with and get you off the start line?

Then this one is for you. Find out more here.

Booster package

Three 90 minute coaching sessions over Skype with a 30-minute call between sessions

You would like to spend some time working through an important issue or aspect of your leadership and performance and are seeking to make a difference in a short amount of time. You may be working towards a milestone moment and need to make a visible impact:-

  • Feeling stuck and want to move on?
  • Wanting to make time for some important planning and forward thinking on an aspect of your life and career?
  • Facing a significant business challenge and wanting to work through and test possible solutions?
  • Experiencing conflict, worry or doubt on a specific topic and need to find resolution?

Then this package might be right for you. Find out more here.

Grow package

Six 90 minute coaching sessions over Skype with a 30-minute call between sessions

There is a barrier or hurdle you need to overcome in order to move to the next level and you have not been able to get past it on your own. You have been working on developing your leadership abilities and now recognise that self limiting beliefs are getting the way of your confidence and courage to step up. You have a major goal in mind and need time and space to set yourself up for success:-

  • Know that you are capable of more but are some how unable to demonstrate it?
  • Feeling that somehow you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and not sure where, when and how to get back on track?
  • Lacking the influence and credibility you feel you need or should have?
  • Unsure, unclear and uncertain about what kind of leader you make and doubting what your real capability is?

Then this is the package for you. Find out more here.

Corporate coaching

Coaching for business need

Business needs are unique to the individual, the circumstances and the organisation. I provide coaching services across a common set of requirements including:

  • Coaching for performance
  • Leadership and executive development
  • Conflict coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Team facilitation

See here for further information on how I can help you.