Work with me 1:1

If you are a leader preparing for, or have just taken the next step in your career this is for you.

Perhaps you wish to enhance your leadership influence. You may be established in your role but struggling for any reason to find your purpose and or your confidence. You may be grappling with what leadership means to you and how to establish and develop your leadership identity. If so, I can help.

Some or all of these issues may be causing you to feel overwhelmed or overloaded, or creating conflict in your life or at work. You may simply be seeking growth, development and improvement in your all-round leadership performance. In this case 1:1 coaching will most certainly be a good step for you to take.

We know we are achieving success – whatever that looks like to us – be it at home or at work when we are able to act with confidence, clarity and courage. These attributes come most easily when our goals, behaviours and values are in alignment.

I had a very positive coaching experience with Sarah. We focused on my work based goals and the barriers to success. I became confident about achieving the outcomes I wanted for my organisation most of which have been delivered.”

Senior Leader, Social Care, London Borough of Croydon

As your coach I will provide the right challenge and support to help you assess how well-integrated these things are. To do this I will ask questions and listen. I will reflect back to you what I have heard you to say offering encouragement, challenge and counsel.

This is challenging work. For the coaching experience to bring about the results you truly want, you will enter into a coaching relationship with a real desire to grow, and develop. The coaching experience is your responsibility and will need your commitment as much as you will have mine.

The coaching relationship is a collaboration. It is also a process with accountability. We will work in partnership together to achieve the goals that you set yourself and we will check in with progress against those goals during and at the end of our coaching relationship. Our focus will primarily be on the present and the future, although we will of course draw on the past to help us frame dilemmas, challenges and opportunities for new ways of being.

I will help you to set the goals that really matter to you. Our work together will be action-oriented and I will provide you with practical tools and frameworks as well as the support to help you achieve more than you might have done on your own. It will be my job to help you find your focus and comprehension. I will be at your side and encouraging you as you find the answers you seek.

I’m a fully qualified ILM Level 7 Executive Coach. My purpose in my work is to help people like you to lead with confidence and purpose, so that you can lead your very best life and be your very best self at work. I want to see you grow into your fullest potential through being your happiest and truest self. So you can expect me to work in your interests with humility, empathy and positivity and of course in full confidentiality.

I coach at a preferred venue in central London or by Skype.

Drop me a line if you’d like to find out more.