Change Management

Change comes in all shapes and sizes. And in these times we are all touched by change in the workplace.

Whether you’re setting the vision, leading the change, or implementing new structures and new ways of working, making change happen is difficult to do and takes it toll on you and your team.

“Very valuable and rewarding experience working alongside Sarah Garner whose knowledge and understanding of change management issues was instrumental. Sarah’s experience in the field helped to influence the direction of travel for Surrey and Sussex with their burgeoning change portfolio.

I would highly recommend tapping into Sarah as a resource for any organisation undergoing the complexities of delivering successful change.”

Neil Roberts
CIO, Surrey and Sussex Police
Chair of the National Police Technology Council

A certified change management practitioner who understands what’s really required to put people at the centre of your change programme, I can provide the support you need to build the change leadership you need to take your organisation through change, make change stick, and build change management capability and capacity in your teams.

Organisation Development

Your organisation development plans and goals are unique to your organisation in this place and time and so therefore will be your needs and requirements.

An employee engagement and culture change specialist, I can help you across a wide variety of development needs from leadership and group dynamics to employee voice, talent management, values and how we do things around here and everything between.

What’s critical to success is working with you to solve the problems in front of you, designing and tailoring interventions to your real-world environment and according to your pace and level of ambition. Above all, interventions should be measurable and place people and productivity at their heart.

Strategic HR

MCIPD qualified, I’ve been working alongside HR leaders for many years with a focus on longer-term people issues like workforce planning, recruitment strategy, job design and talent management and development.

With ever diminishing resources, the task of matching resources to future needs has never before had more influence on organisational performance. It’s never been more critical for HR professionals seeking to enable the organisation to achieve it’s goals to get this right.

In a world of constant organisational change, with an ever-increasing focus on people-centred transformation, strategic HR capability is pulled in many competing directions. We can help – talk to us about your needs and we can configure our services to best support you.