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Employee engagement is centred on building the emotional commitment of team members so that they can feel at their best and give of their best every day. This 4-step practical guide introduces employee engagement and provides you with tips and tools for using the four enablers of engagement to increase employee engagement in your team.

We can only develop if we know how we are doing –what is going well and what is going less well. Feedback from the people around us who are well-situated and able to make sound judgments about how we are doing is an important resource in aiding our development. This guide introduces skills and behaviours you need to both give, and receive feedback well.

70% of learning happens on the job. We learn when we are just getting on with our roles. We learn each time we show someone else how to do something, observe someone else approaching a task in a particular way, or agree to take on new work. This 5-step guide introduces knowledge and tips to assist leaders in creating a healthy learning environment where teams can take responsibility for their own learning with the right support.