Organisation Development

Organisation Development is about expanding organisational capabilities, as the need emerges. It’s interest in making improvement sustainable is where it’s value lies. The never-ending cycle of change would tip organisations over the edge of capability were it not for OD interventions.

Given the importance of this issue of sustainability, CEOs need to know they can evaluate the impact of interventions, which is often a slow build. Evaluation is a difficult issue to address.

Our experience working with many organisations is that OD is poorly understood and has been boiled down to a number of by-the-book initiatives such as the roll-out of standard, one-size-fits-all programmes such as talent management or employee engagement.

We can help you broker, tailor and develop OD plans and strategies which are integrated with and complement change and transformation and HR activities, with easily identifiable value accompanied by a straightforward set of measures.

We have developed deep expertise in organisational development in large complex organisations over time, understanding the dynamics at play at national level, working on whole system change and improvement and at organisational level, re-designing and developing OD function and practice to deliver an integrated OD strategy designed to get an organisation end-to-end through a huge 3-year transformation programme.

The below are a selection of local government assignments:

  1. The creation of a new, holistic organisation development programme for equality and diversity building on leadership and staff engagement to develop high performing teams.
  2. Developing workforce strategy and re-shaping and skilling HR and OD teams to meet the needs of the strategy.
  3. Developing leadership capability at senior and middle management levels around clear leadership outcomes. The inception, design and delivery of an outcomes-based business improvement programme developing capacity at executive level.

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