How will this help?

“For anyone responsible for a business or a group of people looking to increase self-awareness, expand their thinking and reach new goals.”

Leadership coaching is a collaborative relationship between coach and leader. Think of it as a partnership.

In this team of two, each person, coach and coachee work to reach an agreed goal which is decided by the coachee.

The purpose of the work together and the key behind the goal is to create a consistent and continuous behaviour change which has a long-lasting and positive impact on the leader’s work and organisation as well as their personal life.

Coaching provides a private space for leaders to open up hidden strengths and weaknesses which may not be seen in the organisation on a daily basis. From this privileged position, the coach can empower and enable a leader to recognise their challenges, see their blindspots and track their progress. As importantly, coaching allows a leader to fully acknowledge and embrace their potential, their improvements and their achievements.

Coaching puts a new lens on everyday issues and approaches to uncover deeper patterns and hindrances to greater success. By holding up a mirror, the coach helps the leader broaden their perspective, think more flexibly and develop their creative tendencies.

As with other types of coaching, the focus on the individual’s own areas of challenge creates the conditions for step changes in outlook and behaviour such as increased openness and approachability, higher levels of compassion and awareness and more robust communication.

What do you get from it?

Four to six 90-minute sessions

Typically you can expect to see a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Deeper insights into yourself, your issue, your team, your organisation and your goals.
  • A greater understanding of what motivates your behaviours, and what impact they have on you.
  • Support and guidance tailored to your specific concerns, ambition and skill set to enhance awareness, communication and confidence.
  • The opportunity to focus on your development in ways that work for you and meet your precise needs and objectives.
  • Increased self-efficacy and self-management.
  • See yourself and others more clearly to expand your agency and flex your modus operandi.

How do I get started?

All our programmes and pricing can be tailored to your individual or business needs.

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