How will this help my organisation?

“The never-ending cycle of change would tip organisations over the edge of capability were it not for Organisation Development interventions.

“Organisation Development is about expanding organisational capabilities to meet an emerging need. Its value lies in its purpose to make change sustainable.”

Given the challenges organisations experience in making change stick, executives need to know they can evaluate the impact of change and development interventions. Evaluation is often tricky because the effects of people change and development interventions take time to embed. 

Our experience working with many organisations is that organisation development (OD) is surprisingly often a poorly understood function which means it is rarely put to its best use. One-off initiatives and the roll-out of stand-alone, one-size-fits-all programmes do not by themselves grow organisational capability and capacity. And sometimes can have the opposite effect on the workforce.

We can help you broker, tailor and develop OD plans and strategies which are integrated with and complement change and transformation and HR activities, with easily identifiable values accompanied by a straightforward set of measures.

We have developed deep expertise in organisational development in large complex organisations over time, understanding the dynamics at play at a national level, working on whole system change and improvement. At an organisational level, we can help you re-design and develop a powerful OD practice to deliver the integrated OD strategy you need for sustainable change and whole organisation transformation.

What will my organisation get from it?

We can help you grow your people-centred change management capabilities, for example:

Strategic advisory: Partnering executives and other key decision-makers senior leaders to discuss ideas, plans, options and alternatives to think through and assess relativity.  

Leadership development: Working with individual and collective organisation leadership to facilitate and support their investment, interest, commitment and drive to build organisational capacity and capability. 

Cultural development: Helping the organisation to create the conditions for a mindset shift to see behaviour change.

Performance and productivity: Generating purpose, momentum, speed to action and growing the organisation interest through systems, processes and approaches that place people as the beating heart of the organisation.

How do I get started?

All our programmes and pricing can be tailored to your individual or business needs.

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