Good leaders focus on the needs of others. To be able to do this effectively, we need to know what it means to attend to our own needs. And so, supporting others must start with ourselves. 

The way you deal with your stress is contagious.

Leaders need to keep the ship afloat when things are not going great. They need to build consensus among teams, develop people, handle conflict, look to the future and create positive change.

You already know that when you are in stress and negativity and overwhelm, you can get stuck in a pattern of anxious worry that makes it hard for you to think creatively and solve problems with confidence. 

But did you know that the way you deal with your stress can be contagious? Your own state of mind filters through to your employees whether they are conscious of it or not, and it affects their own productivity, engagement, and positivity. When you are stressed, your team is stressed. Not only that but when you are stressed and spending your time ruminating, what you are not able to do so well is notice the achievements and successes of your team. You are less likely to value them, and they feel it. 

Here are five daily practices to boost your wellbeing. And in the chase for productivity, take care not to stifle the opportunity for these moments amongst your team, too. Better still, nurture them. Your team need to be allowed time to talk, to move, to support one another and to find their inner balance and will thank you for it.

  1. Get connected – Social connection improves physical health and mental and emotional wellbeing. Find a way to get in touch with someone. You do not have to share your deepest thoughts. Just a chat helps. 
  1. Get active – A daily walk or the obscurest of hobbies it matters not; know how you like to express yourself and be available for it. 
  1. Be present – Notice with all your senses. Breathe and see how you feel. Accepting who you are today is a tool you have for life that can release you from the grip of the past and the tyranny of the future. 
  1. Be of use – there is power in helping others. An act of kindness towards another is an act of kindness towards ourselves. Yes, it is true. 
  1. Find gratitude – there is always something, a tiny thing, or an obvious thing to be grateful for. Hot water if you are lucky enough to have it, or a pillow for your head.