My birthday is looming. I love my birthday. It’s the one day I truly indulge myself. That translates as giving the whole day over to doing things I love that I don’t normally give myself enough time for. 

Your own self-criticism is your greatest obstacle.

This year’s birthday marks four years of being a solopreneur, a fact of which I’m really proud. Have there been bumps in the road? Oh my goodness of course! Just the same as with every adventure. So if I came across my past self again now, I’d give me this advice: 

1. Mindset 

Keep your eye on the opportunities you see ahead. Yes, there are obstacles in your way, but don’t get distracted for too long by the roadblocks. Keeping focussed on the opportunity helps you learn your lessons and let go of failings faster. Keeping your eye on your opportunity helps you find and stay on your chosen path. This is the way to your definition of success and allows you to go where others fear to tread. 

2. Disappointment 

You can’t avoid this one. There is going to be disappointment even when you’ve done everything in your power to make it happen. Fact. But it’s okay to feel the pain. Face it. Work through it. And then, let it go. Pick up something else and make progress with it. This is how you will champion your own success. 

3. Integrity 

Do the right thing. Even when no one is watching. Especially when no one is watching. You can feel it in your body if something isn’t right for you and if you can feel it’s wrong for you, don’t do it. Simples. Make your boundaries and hold your boundaries. 

4. Support 

For goodness sake ask for help. Because the most successful people ask for help. Because you really don’t have that much to prove. Let go of your ego and value the help and support you have. And be grateful. You are not invincible. 

5. Criticism 

Your own self-criticism is your greatest obstacle. This is entirely unnecessary and easily preventable. So if you want to feel happy and be successful silence your inner critic with some good old-fashioned self-love. Be kind to yourself. Much much kinder and much more often than you think is necessary. 

I talk a whole lot about this in my women’s leadership course. If you could do with giving yourself some of these messages, too, check it out.