What is coaching not?

Coaching is not mentoring. Mentors provide advice and solutions. Coaches ask great questions which prompt the coachee to find their own answers and solutions. Answers and solutions that fit their individually unique circumstances.

Coaching is not counselling. Counsellors seek to understand the present through past events. Coaching is forward focussed and goal orientated. The past may provide some useful data to explore issues provided it is in the context of building strategies for the future.

Coaching is not training. Trainers share information and provide skills according to a set of pre-considered objectives and intended outcomes. Coaching is not one size fits all. Each coaching experience is tailor-made to the unique individual and their own particular set of circumstances and situation.

Coaching is not advisory. Coaching is predicated on the knowledge that every person has the answers to their dilemmas within them. The role of the coach is to facilitate the individual to find those answers and deliver on them.