Calling female leaders! If you are looking for a way to build your clarity, conviction, and confidence, you’re in the right place, and our WHOLE Leadership online course is here to help.

Is this right for me?

“Our WHOLE Leadership community is a mighty force of curious, courageous and creative female leaders just like you. Together we are finding the way to tap into inner confidence to feel like the leaders we know we are supposed to be.”

You already know that your leadership is only as effective as your followership. You already understand the importance of building trusting relationships as the key to successful leadership. And because you know that the success or failure of an organisation is a direct reflection of the people that make it you are probably giving your all every day.

You create a positive culture for collaboration, creativity and communication to flourish. You know your stuff, and you’re known for being great at what you do. 

And yet you feel drained, stretched, overwhelmed, overlooked and undervalued. 

This course will give you the tools to build your resilience and change up your relationship with yourself, your colleagues and your work. Sarah will open up new perspectives on situations and your responses to them and help you find new ways to lead yourself, your team and the organisation. 

By the end of this course you will be able to: 

  • Make choices and decisions with clarity
  • Stand your ground with grace and humility, expressing your genuine opinion without fear
  • Take back control over your own time
  • Express your unique leadership style with integrity and the courage of your convictions
  • Have influential impact through authentic communication
A cartoon outline of a women with glasses - the leadership online course icon.

How does it work?

5 modules over 10 weeks to become whole again, and see yourself for all the greatness you possess.



Understand the power of self-talk


Recognise your self-talk patterns


Reduce the power of self-talk 



Understand what resilience is


Apply stress-inoculating practices


Adopt resilient routines



The role of values in building courage and conviction


Define your values and clarify your leadership purpose


Build your leadership accountability



Robust decision-making, influential communication and more mastery of your time


Define your purpose, communicate with presence, create clear boundaries


Own your choices, create successful outcomes, stay focused on what’s important



Review your progress against your goals


Practice your skills in the real world


Grow your reach and further your potential with a clear, purposeful plan for the future you want

How do I get started?

Access to the leadership online course, tools and worksheets 

Launch Price: £297

Term begins: 14 September 2020